From our team knowledge we can serve
you with several Services in area of
education/training, finance & tax services,
supply cost audits up to legal advisory
services and translations.
We do not put limit to what service we
can offer you as our biggest strength is to
find and cooperate with professionals in
any field of expertise.
Challenge us! Tell us what you need and
we will surprise you!
In our Solutions business segment we have
two main areas of focus:
1) Reduce your finished product cost by
    maximizing supply potential
here we support companies which has
no infrastructure to reduce cost of pre-
material, semi-product supply.
2) Supporting your expansion and
    penetration of emergin markets
Our experts can shortly evaulate if your
product is competitive by price/quality
and connect you to these markets.
We are very open minded team and where
your voice cannot be fullfilled by std
Services or Solutions we take special
attention and create separate Project to
support you.
You will have no worry as all preparation
untill your final project evaulation is FREE
of charge.
As an example please see ChinaPoint
project in Nexs below.
Challenge us! Tell us what you need and
we will surprise you!

Eurobility is customer solutions focused company. We  
hear the voice of your needs and bridge it with  
abbilities of others.
Our focus is searching and introducing emmerging  
market suppliers of materials, products or slutions to  
improve competitivenes of EU based companies and  
on the other side support penetration of these  
markets with innovative products from EU.
We also work on special, big size,  projects where  
simple bridging is not covering all needs of the  
We are in preparation phase for so called ChinaPoint project where we want to offer solution for any cell (independent) manufacturing
with providing full Chinese labor teams incl. line management. You will see more details hopefully soon on
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